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When it comes to collections, the Bouskri family has been in the business for decades, travelling to auction houses around the world and purchasing directly from collectors, amassing a range of Moroccan artefacts.

Now on display at Terrasses des Arts, the carefully curated collection is spread over three rooms that also highlights Moroccan craftsmanship – hand cut bejmat tiles on the floor, plasterwork carved by hand decorates the entrances and walls, lanterns made by the finest artisans light up the spaces.

Enjoy a voyage across Morocco through the extensive pottery collection, tribal jewellery, hand-stitched textiles, and weaponry on display in the first two rooms.  Overhead, the ceiling resembles a starry Saharan desert sky, while the collection is as vast as the desert and the country itself. The third room provides a magic carpet ride of sorts through the varied carpet styles representing the different tribes and regions of Morocco.  While it’s not uncommon to meet one of the Bouskri family members while visiting the museum and chat about the collection, wall-mounted screens further enhance the displays.  

Admission is free

Open daily except Monday from 12 to 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. to midnight, or by appointment by calling
+ 212 689 84 94 00.

For Reservations
0696 44 23 44

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